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Many organizations are under pressure to cut costs and improve noncore-business functions like fleet maintenance operations. Proper management of the fleet will maintain the assets used in it operation in a good condition as reductions is undeniably attractive, but there are also longer-term cost savings you can achieve. When considering fleet management and maintenance with Data Kite fleet Systems, we help you analyze overall fleet expenditure impact by looking at both direct and indirect maintenance cost saving you expenditure for your periodic plan.

  • Benefits include increased fleet availability to work for you, improved reliability, greater cash flow, and enhanced productivity.
  • Improved human resource productivity as your drivers and transport officers will be on the move to give your clients transport services to help provide customer satisfactions
  • You will be able to know the incoming and outgoing fleets in your premises to better use your transport operations.
  • Improves service through transport maintenance and repair and give both your clients and drivers satisfaction.
  • It reduce capital as fleet maintained are always in good condition and your company do not have to buy vehicles or expensive parts through proper maintenance and repairs of fleet
  • Increase cash flow as your fleets are always on the road to work for you to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • It reduce risk and ensure safety and compliance and vehicle is maintained and kept in good condition through monitoring
  • Reduce unauthorized use of vehicl

Return on Investment

Increase Revenue and Margins

  • Increase sales per employee through route optimization (planning)
  • Provide faster response time and get more jobs done using monitoring reports

Increase Productivity

  • Identify poorly performing drivers through maintenance  vehicle usage reports
  • Improve routing and eliminate miles that do not need to be driven
  • Reduce driving offenses

Reduce Costs

  • Lower fuel costs by monitoring fleet gauges
  • Decrease accidents and their costs by identifying drivers whose vehicles break down easily
  • Reduce vehicle downtime expenses with problem alerts through maintenance reports


Our solutions help you to:

  • Be informed
  • Generate ideas
  • Put a Plan in place
  • Strategize
  • Take decision.
  • Execute plan
  • Monitor you success
  • Grow your business


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